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I’ve been thinking a lot about my photos in Iran lately and I shared my thoughts with Isabelle From Ramp1885, who is a very sensitive journalist. I enjoyed our talk very much, because I feel this is what most people miss about Iran and Tehran. The truth is that Tehran, like many other urban centers, is a diverse city; Fashion is not new to iranian people. Isn’t it just the internet that is made it visible even in the Euro-American context?!

I tried to change the perception of western society about how I dressed as a woman in iran, and show the possibilities. I wanted to show Iran as it is. That’s why I did the shoot in Bazar. You see a good diversity of people; you see workers, you see women In Chador, and you see women in colorful attires.

I could have done this shoot in the more modern shopping malls at which most of the women you would find will look like Shabnam. Or I could have shoot these photos in a place with every women wearing the Chador.

I don’t think it is a fashion revolution?Fashion has always been part of women’s agency in Iran to express their choices. This indeed is a transgressive act. However, it is not even limited to women. The youth of Iran, boys and girls, have always been designing and redesigning their own trendy looks.  Communication and Internet in recent years has just made these activities more visible to western eye.

The Internet has made the margins of fashion industry more visible, even in the Euro-American context. Look at the fashion blogs popping up here in west all the time. Did we have The Sartorialist (which I think is one of the oldest) 15 years ago in New York City? New Yorkers have always been fashionable in a diverse manner. What the trendy youth of Brooklyn wore was not always dictated or influenced by the fashion industry in the Island of Manhattan.

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